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HGMD has been publicly available via the internet since April 1996. During this time, the database has grown considerably (from under 10,000 mutation entries in 1996 to over 76,000 entries by January 2008). An enormous effort is required to maintain a fully curated database of this size and to provide effective search and analysis software tools to query the data. It is therefore vitally important to identify sustainable long-term funding for HGMD, so that we may continue to be able to provide this service to the scientific community for years to come.

We believe that the ideal sustainable model for the future funding of HGMD is a mixture of income from both public and private sources. This should in principle allow us to provide free access to academic/non-profit users alongside a subscription-based distribution for commercial users that is marketed by a commercial company. To this end, we have opted to market the data in collaboration with BIOBASE GmbH, our commercial partner, while keeping a core version of HGMD available as a free service to registered users from academic/non-profit institutions via our Cardiff website. By insisting that commercial entities pay for access to HGMD at the same time as providing a less up-to-date version free of charge to registered users from academic/non-profit institutions, we believe we can continue to allow free access to much of our mutation data, at the same time as generating income to support HGMD from its commercial distribution.

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