HGMD, Cardiff

HGMD Login Problems


We have had several reports of people experiencing difficulty when attempting to log in to HGMD. If you are having trouble, please read the following carefully.

1. Please ensure you have session cookies enabled for hgmd.cf.ac.uk - these are temporary cookies which will be deleted when you log out of HGMD or shut down your web browser. For some reason, this can be particularly difficult when using Internet Explorer. Some people have reported that simply setting their security to "medium" is not enough. If you have found this is the case, you must go into the security settings under "advanced" and change the cookie settings to override automatic cookie handling and accept first party cookies.

2. Please do not copy and paste your details into the boxes. It is best to type them in directly.

3. HGMD access is only granted to academic / non-profit users. If you have not registered from a verifiable academic / non-profit email address, you will not get access.

4. Some people have reported not receiving a password. This is likely due to the security settings on your mail server. Please contact us if you have not received a password within 24 hours. It will also take this amount of time for HGMD staff to activate your account (weekdays only).

5. We plan to allow users to set their own passwords in the near future. Hopefully this will avoid the "lost password" problem.

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